Funds of the Order

Alpha Fund ingathering date is September 5
Endowment Fund ingathering date is November 1
Masters Fund ingathering date is Pentecost
Self-Denial Fund ingathering date is February 2

The Funds of the Order

Although we are not allowed to raise money in the name of the Order, the fruits of our individual giving have spread Christ’s Kingdom in many ways. Gifts to the four funds of the Order are collected by the Chapter Treasurer and forwarded directly to the National Office. Individual contributions, including lifetime memberships, may be made at any time. Gifts from those who are not Daughters are welcomed. National Council provides oversight for the Self-Denial Fund, the Master Fund, the Endowment Fund and the Alpha Fund.

Alpha Fund

The Alpha Fund was established at the 2009 Triennial Convention in Anaheim, California. Named in honor of the first Junior Chapter, the Alpha Fund is used to provide financial support to Junior Daughter Directresses in their efforts to extend Christ’s kingdom especially among young women and girls through the ministry of the Junior Daughters of the king.

The Fund can be used to:

  • Obtain Materials or supplies for starting a chapter and reactivating chapters.
  • Defray transportation costs related to visiting chapters, attending retreats, or other events.
  • Assist in the cost of retreats and other events.
  • Provide funding for education, study materials, activities, retreats and program materials.
  • Provide materials for service projects.

September 5th is the in-gathering day for the Alpha Fund. This date was selected in honor of the day Mother Teresa died in 1997.

Junior Directresses are encouraged to fill out an application. The Alpha Fund committee reviews and approves all applications. Checks will be payable from the National Office.

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Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established by the Triennial Convention of 1928 to further the work of the Order in the extension of Christ’s Kingdom.  Only the interest may be used.  Contributions may be made in any of the following ways to the glory of God.

A.  A gift of ten dollars or more may be given by an individual, chapter, diocesan assembly or province in memory of a Daughter of the King or friend.

B.  Bequests.  You are earnestly urged to remember the Endowment Fund in your will as follows:  I give, devise and bequeath to The Order of the Daughters of the King, Inc., for its Endowment Fund, the sum of_________.


A.  Gifts may be sent in thanksgiving for healing, a birthday, a wedding or any other reason.  Gifts may be made in the amount of ten dollars or more.

B.  Gifts may be made to honor those Daughters of the King who have been constant in prayer, faithful in service and have shown a deep and abiding spiritual leadership.

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Master’s Fund

The Master’s Fund was inaugurated at the Order’s Triennial Convention in 1922 as a Thank Offering to be given at Pentecost in loving commemoration of the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Originally the Master’s Fund was intended to assist some Daughters or other women to attend a Church Training School to prepare for missionary or other church-related work.  Now the emphasis is on the background and intended church-related career of the applicant so that attendance at any accredited college, university or graduate school is permitted.  The number and size of grants is restricted to the amount actually in the fund when applicants are reviewed.

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Self-Denial Fund

The Lily Funsten Ware Memorial Fund, known as the “Self-Denial Fund,” was created by resolution adopted at the convention held in Washington, DC, in 1897.  Miss Lily Funsten Ward, a Daughter of the King and a missionary in China, asked that a day be set aside for the celebration of Holy Communion with special intention for the Church in China.  In compliance with this request, it was resolved that a Self-Denial Week be observed every year, that the amount thus obtained be added to the already in and (referring to $100,000 which was given by Miss Ward’s friends to be used as a nucleus for a missionary fund) and known as “The Lily Funsten Ware Memorial Fund” to be used always for the maintenance of a missionary in China from the Order of the Daughters of the King.

When missionaries were excluded from China, the Fund was used for the Order’s missionaries wherever needed.

At a subsequent convention held in September of 1922 in Portland, Oregon, a resolution was adopted setting aside February 2, the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, as a special day for the Self-Denial Fund of the Daughters of the King.

At the present time this fund is supporting missionary efforts both within and outside the continental boundaries of the United States.

We continue to explore new and exciting opportunities to add to our established missionary activities.

To make a donation to any of the above funds click here.

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